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How Microneedling Can Breathe New Life into Your Skin

How Microneedling Can Breathe New Life into Your Skin

It’s 2022 – that means new year, new you, and a new radiant complexion. As you look for ways to improve your skin, it’s important and cost-effective to find treatments that  work. 

Collagen and elastin are two keys to the radiant and youthful skin you’ve dreamed of having. By using tiny needles, microneedling promotes cellular turnover while improving your skin’s elastin and collagen. This effective treatment breathes new life into your skin with minimal downtime.

If you’ve never heard of microneedling before or want to know more about it, here’s your sign. The Texas Wellness Center, located in Richmond Texas, is here to tell you everything you need to know about microneedling and its miraculous benefits.

What it is

If you’ve talked to a dermatologist or skincare expert about their favorite treatments, microneedling is probably at the top of the list. First used in 1995 but gaining popularity in recent years, microneedling involves using an FDA-cleared device like the MicroPen™. The MicroPen contains micro-fine needles that are around .5-2.5 millimeters in diameter.

When you come in for your appointment, Ijeoma Linda Bethel, DNP, gently glides the MicroPen across your face and neck, creating tiny lesions in the skin to trigger cellular turnover. As your body works to heal itself over the next few weeks, collagen and elastin production is ramped up creating smoother, younger skin. Microneedling can be used almost anywhere on the body but is most commonly used on the face. 

Skin concerns it addresses

Now that you know how it works, you’re probably wondering what kind of skin improvements to expect. Though the results are not immediate, most patients agree the skin improvements are worth the wait — results peak at three to four weeks.

Microneedling can effectively improve:

Even though you’ll notice an improvement after the first session, most patients need four to six treatments to get the results they want.

Don’t opt for at-home methods

You can find at-home microneedling devices at the beauty store and on Amazon. Though it may be tempting to save some cash, experts strongly advise against at-home microneedling.

That’s because when microneedling isn’t performed by an expert, you pose the risk of infection and scarring. Not to mention, you could tear your skin and cause problem areas to worsen. Microneedling devices found at the store have an average needle length of .25 mm, which isn’t enough to deeply penetrate your skin and provide substantial results.

When you come into our office, Dr. Ijeoma Linda Bethel creates a custom microneedling treatment for your unique skin. Using a specific approach and application angle, Dr. Bethel knows exactly which problem areas to treat and what sensitive areas to proceed with caution.

Minimal downtime

One of the best parts of microneedling is its minimal downtime. Although redness and swelling are normal after treatment, most of this resides within 24 hours. That means you can return to work or your everyday life soon after without anyone knowing you had treatment.

Combine with platelet-rich plasma for best results

Microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can offer you the most dramatic results and quicker downtime. The procedure involves drawing a sample of blood from your arm and spinning it on a centrifuge to make a PRP sample. 

Dr. Ijeoma Linda Bethel will first microneedle your face normally and then apply the PRP to the lesions to help aid in cellular repair and replenish your skin. Microneedling with PRP can be effectively beneficial for those who are looking to improve acne scars. In a clinical study, patients who received microneedling with PRP saw a 62% improvement in their acne scars.

Get the best skin of your life with microneedling today. Call 361-298-3363 to schedule your consultation, or book online.

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